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Agriculture to boost African economy


(CNBCAFRICA) Many new age entrepreneurs are dedicated to finding a way for agriculture to be a source of income, jobs and employment on the continent.


While agriculture in Africa often is discussed in the context of hunger and malnutrition, the only way for agriculture to become a source of food security is to ensure it also becomes a source of economic security.


For example, cassava production is reliably rising in parts of Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi. In these countries, new processing facilities have been established to meet new demand for cassava as an ingredient in everything from baked goods and beer to paper, board, and plywood.


In Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia, sustainable increases in crop production are occurring on small-holder farms that have contracts to grow maize and other crops for the U.N. World Food Program. In Ghana, rice yields are rising on small-holder farms that have joined an initiative to grow rice for a domestic food company, which is providing consumers in Ghana with a cheaper alternative to imported rice. Crop clusters around a processor have proved very effective.


This kind of agriculture development is generating economic opportunities in rural communities on and off the farm. For example, in rural Nigeria today, young people who don’t want to farm increasingly have the option of working nearby at a cassava processing facility. In Kenya, young adults who once saw farming as a career of last resort are now drawn to the business proposition of adopting tech innovations to grow high-quality, high-value produce in greenhouses. Access to affordable finance, coupled with efficient markets, is key to this end.


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Is the candidate with the best resume the best hire?

Given a choice, between  a candidate with the perfect resume and the one  who has fought adversity, come up with difficulties and seen ups and downs, whom will you hire for the job?



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Robots in Africa to steal jobs?


(CNN) Africa is importing robots to replace humans. Although still in its infancy, with fewer than 60,000 imports a year, the robotics industry in Africa is developing rapidly. Does this pose a risk to young people’s jobs in Africa ?


The continent is using robots for various jobs like mining, controlling traffic and even fighting deadly diseases. Several African organisations are encouraging production and participation in robotics


Robots could help lower production costs, but how will this impact the continent’s people?


‘Half of Africa’s jobs at risk’


Robots will take away two-thirds of jobs in developing countries as developed countries use robots and compete with the labour cost advantage of developing countries.


Research says, automation puts more than half the jobs in Africa at risk. Rapid automation and reduction of industrial activity means loss of industrialization opportunities for African workers.


The rise of robots in Africa


Africa is using robots and replacing humans for various jobs. All weather resistant robots are being used to direct traffic; drones with sensor are being used in farming. In gold mines, robots are taking over work considered too risky for humans. In Liberia, Robots have been used to disinfect rooms where Ebola patients were treated, a feat too risky for humans.  Rwanda plans a drone port to deliver medical and emergency supplies to its rural areas


Disruptive technologies always bring a mix of benefits and risks


Will Robots impact Africa positively or negatively?  While robots can maximize productivity on a much larger scale, it could take away jobs.


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Will machines make humans redundant?


Does not look possible considering the numbers!



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