No jobs in Africa for young foreigners?

(Business Daily Africa) Kenya has restricted entry to low paid and young foreign workers. It will not issue a residence or work permit to any person earning less than an assured annual income of at least $24,000 and those below 35 years of age.


The rules are to curb the entry of foreigners into Kenya’s job market.  Among rising concerns due to lack of jobs for locals in Africa,. The new regulations are particularly targeted at foreigners holding jobs in Africa that can be handled by Kenyans.


Expatriates are welcome to make their careers in Africa provided they are investors or highly qualified professionals coming in to offer rare skills and build local capacity.


Foreign investors eyeing opportunities in agriculture, mining and manufacturing sectors or consultancy work outside the professions will be issued with a special permit provided they have the requisite capital, qualifications and regulatory approvals for the intended projects.


But how will the government handle thousands of low paid skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers, especially the Chinese, employed in key infrastructure projects such as road and housing construction?


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