How to wreck Your Career

(Yahoo Finance) Unintentional–even innocent–mistakes can dim a bright career future. Have a look at some common career blunders some tips on how to avoid them.


1. Make emotional, rash decisions. Being impulsive and quitting a job in haste. It will wash away years of hard work. The career decisions people most often regret are those that are made in haste when emotions are running high.


2. Be reactive.  Signs of trouble? Expecting layoffs or the organisation to sink? Plan ahead, take action and take control of the situation before unemployment hits you.


3. Avoid self-reflection. You are not perfect. If you do not take responsibility for your shortcomings, and commit to improving them, it is a career faux pas.


4. Wing it. Don’t be vague about your career. You need to know where you’re going and have a map to the way up to succeed.


 5. Get comfortable. Being in a comfort zone is a big NO. You need to stay ahead of the ahead of the competition, learning new skills and pushing yourself to new levels

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