Are the Chinese stealing African jobs and trade?

(Daily Nation) The last one decade has seen China increase its presence in Africa. They have invested, manufactured and created jobs for locals in Africa.


Africa would possibly not progress had the Chinese not come in with their money, skills and expertise to help build the continent.


There are brickbats. China has been accused of robbing the continent of its natural resources, bringing workers from China instead of employing locals and ill treating and under paying local Africans.


Recently there were violent protests from local workers in an African mine. Are we going to see the worst in China-Africa relations?


Now African traders are complaining that Chinese traders are giving the natives unfair competition. Cheaper, low quality Chinese products are entering the markets. There is concern about the inferior quality and competition in the domestic markets.


In Zambia and Tanzania, the complaints are that Chinese traders are in businesses meant for natives.


A time has come when Africans examine the reality on the ground. Are they allowing the Chinese too much ground in their affairs? Policy makers should address these serious concerns.


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