Sharpen your communication skills for work – 1

( Communication is arguably one of the most important business skills, no matter what your industry. Here are some tips to help you communicate better with co-workers and clients.


1. Listen.


We need to listen to understand what someone needs or wants. Most of us interrupt, prepare our response, or think we already know what the speaker is going to say next.


2. Pay attention to body language.


Body language can communicate a lot. Your co-worker promises a deadline but wrings her hands while she says it. That means she is not sure she can.


 3. Consider communication preference.


Not everyone likes to communicate the same way. For faster and effective communication switch to the communication mode the other person prefers – Email, phone, text, social media or instant messaging.


4. Consider your tone.


It is important use the right tone and clear language to get the message across, so that so nothing is misconstrued to cause an unintended reaction from the recipient. This is essentially true for Email and social media.


5. Don’t be too casual.


Being friendly with your work colleagues can help you do your job better but being too casual may make others feel uncomfortable. Make sure your emails, meetings, and phone calls are professional.

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