Sharpen your communication skills for work – 2

( Communication is arguably one of the most important business skills, no matter what your industry. Here are some tips to help you communicate better with co-workers and clients.


1. Check your grammar.


Be error free. Proofread and run a spell check on anything you type–be it an email, Tweet, or letter.


2. Keep criticism constructive.


Be generous with praise when a job is well-done and add in tips and for improvement for the not-so-perfect work. Criticism is a feedback. It is not supposed to be emotional or insulting.


 3. Restate what you hear.


Summarize the important points presented by your co-worker or boss to show you are listening and understand what you were told. A good way to clarify and clear any confusion


4. Get a little personal.


To have a comfortable working relationship, initiate chats on a few general, personal things outside their work life. But take care to not cross the line.


5. Never stop improving.


Effective communication is a skill you must practice, keep learning and improving.


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