It is China- time in Africa!

What does China mean to Uganda?      It has brought job opportunities, rapid modernization  economic growth, better infrastructure, goods and services to the average Ugandan and helped lift the country out of poverty.


More than 10,000 Chinese have been involved in bringing different business activities and create jobs by hiring the locals to work for them. Many Chinese employers believe that creating jobs for the locals is a key to success.  Many of them find working with locals easy and want to hold onto and also attract loyal employees.


More than 260 Chinese companies have opened in the country, across different sectors, and have created 30,000 local jobs in Africa. Local workers praise the training they have been given by their Chinese employers. Working with the Chinese makes them experienced and helps them grow professionally.


The Chinese built $476 million project Kampala-Entebbe Expressway is crucial for the local economy: it will create many jobs directly and indirectly. 90 percent of the employees on the project will be Ugandan, with some expected to take up important management positions.


Placement agencies are recruiting expert and skilled professionals to work in these projects. In case of specific skills not available locally, suitable Expatriates have opportunities to make their career in Africa. Recruitment services find that Uganda is an attractive destination for people looking take up challenging, well paying jobs in Africa.

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