Industrial development zones : Creating jobs in Africa

 (Business Day) Executive search firms have their hands full filling vacancies in Africa, looking for skilled professionals interested in a career in Africa.


Yet, lack of jobs in Africa is a burning issue. Is lack of skills a culprit? In South Africa for example, many industries such as the TDM, suffer from skills erosion and a critical shortage of artisans and engineers and a lack of jobs.


Industrial development zones (IDZs) have attracted foreign investment and created jobs in Africa, but more needs to be done. Partnerships between the government and private business could accelerate the economic development and help many build their Careers in Africa.


Projects like Nelson Mandela Bay by the  Coega IDZ recognised the need for private investment-driven development and job creation.  A joint venture between the municipality and CDC – its aim:  built with the aim and potential to attract investment and employment creation in the various strategic areas.


There have been 3,770 jobs created at Coega by investors, including Acoustex, bizworks, Benteler, Cape Concrete and Dynamic Commodities.


Discovery Health opened a call centre at Coega creating jobs for 336 people and is expected to have 400 more vacancies by the end of this year. Coega is also taking steps to provide jobs for trainees in the IDZ.


But will the IDZs create jobs fast enough for the thousands of jobless youth?:

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