600 m jobs in 15 years!

(The Hindu) A World Bank report says that creating 600 million jobs In 15 years in emerging markets like Africa is essential to keep up the current employment level.


Technology is changing the way workers and firms connect, through their access to much larger, even global, employment marketplaces. The number of vacancies in Africa filled by Africa recruitment agencies has grown considerably.


Since the Private sector accounts for 90 per cent of all jobs in the developing regions like Africa, the Governments need to encourage it to create jobs in Africa


One, they should focus on fundamentals such as ensuring macroeconomic stability and an enabling business environment.

Two, well-designed labor policies should be in place to create more job opportunities, and three, jobs that help most in development and remove obstacles that prevent private sector from creating more such jobs should be identified.


Farming and self-employment create many jobs in Africa. Many jobs in Africa are informal, part-time and temporary jobs. Jobs in Africa are not merely about employment, but disappointment, especially among youth, about lack of job opportunities and frustration with the allocation of jobs based on connections rather than merit.

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