Time to create white collar jobs in Africa

By BiztechAfrica –

Greg Vercellotti, executive director at Dariel Solutions has stressed on the creation of jobs in Africa requiring specialised skills.


ICT skills development is needed to overcome the crisis ICT skills shortage and create local IT jobs in Africa The uses offshore outsource partners and the importing of foreign skills will not create the required vacancies in Africa and develop economies.


African governments are concentrating on creation of basic jobs in Africa. They also need to focus on IT careers in Africa by building a maths and science foundation at school level before students move on to IT courses at university.


Africa has vast numbers of highly intelligent, entrepreneurial and innovative people but there is lack of relevant skills meet the ICT sector’s needs and it is difficult to create local ICT vacancies in Africa.


The government and the private sector need to chip in. companies need to step in to offer more internships, learner ships and other training opportunities, with the support of government programmes. This will create more high level jobs in Africa.


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