Nigeria most attractive foreign investment destination

( According to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD Nigeria has received the most foreign direct investment in Africa with over $7billion worth of foreign investments inflow in 2012. It is also rated as best country for foreign investments in the continent.


The international community’s interest and investment in all sectors of the economy has also created thousands of  jobs in Africa  and help the country economically and socially.


Nigeria’s government has committed itself to the transformation agenda, and executed it with all diligence, taken steps to create a business and investor friendly policies and environment and has given incentives to entrepreneurs. It has taken the initiative to take the country to the next level of development; with focus on social and economic empowerment and vacancies in Africa.


The Nigeria Industrial Development Plan will anchor the totality of the country’s industrial development in the next four years and help shape and direct the industrialization of the country and consequently create  jobs in Africa. 

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