Power Projects and Jobs in Africa


(The National Law Review) A two third of the Sub – Saharan African population has no access to electricity. However, most Africa countries receive abundant sunlight and solar energy can be a reliable energy source. In recent years, many private and government organisations are making investments for the development of solar energy.


Power Africa is an initiative to  unlock the substantial wind, solar, hydropower, natural gas, and geothermal resources in the region and enhance energy security, decrease poverty, and advance economic growth in six focus countries —  Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, and Tanzania. It has a goal of 30,000 MW of additional capacity to reach 60 million households and businesses across the continent.


Solar power projects are attracting private investors such as Vulcan Capital, Omidyar Network, Google and Jasper Power Project in projects to bring off-grid solar energy to Sub-Saharan Africa. These projects will also create valuable and much needed jobs in Africa. They are expected to . Several hundred indirect employment opportunities in Africa will also be created.

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