What to write and what not to write on your CV!


What’s better than the recruiters themselves sharing with you tips to write your CV?


In this video, Datum Recruitment Services brings to you, the best tips on what goes into an effective CV, straight from our expert recruiters.


To brief you about our company – Datum Recruitment Services is an International Employment Agency specializing in recruiting for Middle Management and Executive Level jobs in Africa.


Lot of people don’t know or are confused about what to put into their CV. Let’s just start with what not to put into your CV.


  1. Begin with your Full Name on the top rather than a big heading stating ‘Resume’ or ‘Curriculum Vitae’, as it’s pretty obvious that’s what it is, isn’t it?  And anyway most of them get the spelling wrong, so it’s the best to avoid it.
  2. Do not fluff- don’t exaggerate your skills or over rate your abilities.
  3. Refrain from the use of extravagant jargon or mission statements that are difficult to be understood – as your CV is short listed according to the keywords enlisted by the company – not ornamental paragraphs.
  4. Don’t go overboard with colours– unless you want to highlight your CV for a ‘graphics designing’ position, it’s the best to stick to black and white.
  5. Never use fancy font like Comic Sans or Brush Script – they not only look unprofessional- but are even difficult to be read.  Fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri with size 10-12 are your best bet.
  6. Avoid putting down references with names and contact details– instead put ‘references available on request’. This will give you a chance to provide the relevant references as and when needed. Also, if you put the current employers contact number for the reference check and he gets a call, it might not be a very good situation for you – as he will get an idea that you are searching for a job.


How long do you think we take to go through one CV? Any guesses? It’s just one minute! So you need to put all you have to in a short and precise manner.


  1. First things first- get your contact details right. We get so many CV’s with incorrect contact details.


Enumerate your achievements- don’t be verbose


  1.  Associate yourself with big brands – even though you haven’t directly worked for a popular brand, you can list down some projects that you may have done for them through your previous employer.
  2. Modify your CV – you need to customize your CV according to the different companies that you are applying to. It isn’t a good approach to use the same one for all different companies.
  3. For example, when applying for marketing jobs, use words like “marketed,” “campaigned” and “promoted” to describe your accomplishments. When applying to a start-up, use words like “built,” or “created”.
  4.  Be specific while stating your interests– This is the last section of your CV where you put your interests. Make sure that they sound interesting. Don’t just say you like travelling, movies and reading. Be specific- you like to travel to unexplored places, you like hiking, rock climbing, – you like Woody Allen movies, or that you like to read Dan Brown or some other author.
  5. So this is the kind of CV you would want to have if you want to get recruited to your dream company. Just put yourselves in our shoes and you will make a great CV which will surely get you an interview call.



  1. Enock Okunyanyi says:

    Looking for any supervisory job in the following sectors;
    Banks, Cooperative Sacco’s, Micro finance institutions

    • kirti@datumhin.com says:

      Please visit our website http://www.datum-recruitment.com to see the current vacancies and their details. If you have not already uploaded your CV, you can upload your CV and also mention the code number of the position of interest.

      We will revert back to you to take the process further if there is a suitable opportunity for you.

      If you can recommend any of your colleagues, friends etc. for any of the other positions, we would be grateful!

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