Kenya roots for Japanese Investments



East Africa’s economic powerhouse, Kenya is aiming to increase its influence in the Japanese markets and believes that, that the mooted direct flights between Japan and Kenya would see the volume of trade improving as per experts.


The establishment of direct routes will also cut flying hours that can best be invested in trade and direct trade transactions between the two countries and be an advantage to Kenya’s horticulture industry and make business more cost effective.


Japanese market was very conscious of quality and if Kenya followed the market requirement and produced the on demand products it could close the trade imbalance gap. Also working on value addition of Kenyan products will see promotion of jobs in Kenya. .


Kenya could add value to its products through joint venture investments which will help service the market more effectively. It needs improved focus when preparing to meet potential markets and also draw on the highly skilled Kenyan diaspora in Japan when making propositions. Cutting costs such as transport, power and logistics would make the east African economy more competitive.

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