Google to train Africans for Job readiness

(Bloomberg Technology) Google Inc. is scaling up its digital skills training programs to offer free digital training to a million Africans in the next year to help tackle high unemployment and create jobs in Africa.


Google is planning a long haul in Africa and are making an investment in talent, to help trainees become pioneers in the field and do well at their jobs.


The internet offers huge opportunities to start new businesses and grow existing ones, and Google is committed to helping Africans make the most of the digital revolution by doing their bit to support the people in Africa in order to succeed in the digital world.


The company has partnered with Livity Africa to develop training programs and is rolling out a new online education portal for learners in the region and are taking steps to reach more youth across Africa with their potential partners and digital skills training program


Internet usage in Africa has grown dramatically and Research conducted by Google suggests Africa will have 500 million Internet users by 2020.


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