Blue Megaphone Hiring Job Vacancy Announcement (1)


  1. T.T.V.Prasada Rao says:

    I am interested for the position of Warehouse or Materials Superintendent or Project Materials QC Inspector.Having good experience with oil gas companies. Worked 6 LNG trains in Nigeria and LPG and one GTL project with KBR. Can handle any type of project Materials and open yards.

  2. Am interestested in sales and marketing position in Nigeria and by extention in Africa.
    I have vast proven

  3. Manish Parikh says:

    I am interested in Store Manager – Kenya.
    My Email Id :

    Thanking you.

    Manish Parikh

  4. kapil kumar sharma says:

    I am interested in taking assignment in potato seed production. I have a long experience in potato breeder seed production in research institute in india



    I have 7+ years of experience as a Plantation manager in Africa with specifically in Rubber and Oil Palm plantation. And overall I have 28+ years in this field.

    I am having worked in various environments, I am confident that I would become an indispensable asset to your organization. My disciplined work habits, tremendous work-drive, ability to work well with people, problem-solving aptitude, and high integrity will enable me to make positive contributions towards your company’s objectives. I am very determined and enthusiastic about a symbiotic relationship and will work hard to achieve positive results. Enclosed is my resume for your review.

    Please contact me by phone at +91 9633863956 (India) to discuss how my skills and strengths match your needs. I appreciate your time and consideration in regarding my cover letter and resume.

    I look forward to your positive response.

  6. William John King says:

    Dear Sir/Madam. I am an Irish national based in Saudi Arabia. I have been employed in Large-scale farming operations for the past twenty or more years. I have extensive experience with production of cereals, forage crops and vegetable and fruit crops. I have managed farming projects throughout central Saudi Arabia with responsibility for multiple locations and with diverse nationalities and disciplines. With the downturn of agriculture in the Middle East due to concerns regarding ground water reserves I am now seeking employment opportunities outside the Middle East. I have a very good track record with regard to successful project operations and profitability. I was for a few years involved with developing farming operations in Algeria. I have traveled extensively through southern Africa prospecting for potential agricultural projects on behalf of my former employed ( H.H. Prince Sultan BIN Mohammed). With my experience I believe that I have much to offer in relation to large-scale irrigated farming. Yours sincerely, William J King.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam, I am Bangladeshi. I have obtained Master of Science in Agronomy from Bangladesh Agricultural University. As an Agronomist, I have experienced in the field of Modern Agricultural Technology dissemination & extension, Agricultural livelihoods, Agricultural project Management, Market & value chain development, Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), Water & Sanitation. I would like to work as a professional employee if I get the opportunity. Yours sincerely, Mohammed Salahuddin

    • says:

      Please visit our website to see the current vacancies and their details. If you have not already uploaded your CV, you can upload your CV and also mention the code number of the position of interest.

      We will revert back to you to take the process further if there is a suitable opportunity for you.

      If you can recommend any of your colleagues, friends etc. for any of the other positions, we would be grateful!

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