Good News from Africa

  1. Nigerian entrepreneur makes handcrafts from water hyacinth:

For many people the presence of water hyacinths in rivers and lakes is a source of concern. Not only do the hyacinths prevent sunlight from reaching other aquatic species, they also decrease water flow. Fishermen view this invasive plant as a threat to their livelihood because they choke waters populated by fish.

  • Zidane returns to Real Madrid’s training pitch:

No time to waste for the Frenchman. Zinedine Zidane held his first training session with Real Madrid’s squad on Wednesday. It follow his          reappointment to manage the club on Monday, March 11.Zidane returns for a second spell as coach with plans to rebuild the Spanish  giants.The  team has fallen into crisis since he left in May after winning an unprecedented third straight Champions League.

  • Painting sow pigeasso hogs the limelight at South Africa farm:

Pigcasso, a rescued pig in South Africa, has become an art sensation, painting pieces that sell for thousands of dollars. Pigcasso’s work has also been displayed around the world and recently on the watch faces of Swiss watchmaker Swatch.

  • G.Bissau ruling party wins legislative polls but without absolute majority:

The ruling party in Guinea Bissau has won Sunday’s legislative elections, but without an absolute majority.This means, the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, will be unable to form a government without a deal.

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