Good News From Africa

  1. Portuguese companies eye Kenya investments:

Portuguese companies looking to invest in the country will now find it easier to locate targeted opportunities following the launch of the Portuguese Business Council Kenya, a lobby group set up to help the firms advance their agenda locally and in Lisbon. The lobby is eyeing increased trade in the pharmaceutical, technology, agriculture, and manufacturing industries in Kenyan. “The Portuguese Business Council Kenya will provide networking opportunities for businesses and individuals from both nations while at the same time working with relevant agencies to ensure there is ease in carrying out this trade,” said, João Ramos a founding member of the council. This latest development follows efforts by Portuguese and local state officials to have Nairobi and Lisbon re-engage. “The bilateral instruments of co-operation that have been signed in the diverse fields have also provided the much-needed impetus for enhancing these relations,” said International Conferences & Events Director-General Benson Ogutu at the launch of the lobby group.

  • Tullow Oil pays State Sh49.6m License fees:

London-based Tullow Oil Plc. paid the Kenyan government Sh49.6 million in license fees and infrastructure improvement payments last year, down from Sh64.6 million paid in 2017.This is according to a disclosure in the multinational’s consolidated report for the year ended December 31, 2018, which reveals payouts made to various governments in accordance with the UK’s Reports on Payments to Governments Regulations 2014.The sum paid to Kenya is a three-year low. In 2016, it rose to Sh61.4 million with a further increase in 2017. However, the amount is expected to rise in future when commercial oil production starts. The firm had disclosed in January that it plans to invest Sh7 billion in its Kenyan operations this year as it steps up preparations for commercial production starting 2022.“The group’s 2019 capital expenditure is expected to total approximately $570 million (Sh57.5 billion), comprising … Kenya pre-development expenditure of circa $70 million (Sh7 billion),” Tullow said in a January trading update.

  • Kemsa to get title deeds ‘by the end of this month’:

The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) says it is in the process of acquiring title deeds for its land parcels in Kaka mega, Kisumu, and Eldoret. The State agency, however, did not disclose when it is set to acquire the same for its prime property in Mombasa, Garissa, Nakuru and Nyeri. “We expect to have the title deeds for Kaka mega, Kisumu, and Eldoret parcels of land by end of June 2019,” said Dr Jonah Manjari, Kemsa CEO in a statement. This comes after the Auditor- General said in a report last year that Kemsa risked losing land worth Sh183 million located in different parts of the country since they lacked proper documentation. Dr Manjari last year appeared before the Public Investments Committee (PIC) to answer to why the agency lacked title deeds for some of its land. He told MPs that the process of acquiring ownership documents has been ongoing and that Kemsa had hired advocates to follow up on the title deeds for its property.

  • Kenya’s trademark, patent applications rise to historic high:

Patent and trademark applications in Kenya hit a record high of 7,788 last year, surpassing requests recorded in the country’s history and signaling increased awareness among innovators on the need to protect their intellectual property rights. However, the number of patents granted reduced to 245 despite 914 applications compared to the 410 patents granted in 2017, according to data released by Kenya Industrial Property Institute (Kipi).Kipi Managing Director Sylvance Sange said most of the applications did not meet the requisite conditions and were therefore rejected. A patent is an exclusive right granted for the protection of an invention. To be granted, the invention must be new, be capable of being used in some kind of industry and must not be obvious. “Some of these applications did not meet the requirements of the Industrial Property Act (IPA 2001) on patentability such as novelty, inventive step, industrial applicability,” he said.

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