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EAC business environment could match Japan’s

Daily Nation reports that, East Africa could match Japan’s business regulatory environment if the regional block implements the East African regulations and procedures as per a World Bank and IFC report .

The report, Doing Business in the East African Community 2011, is based on the Doing Business study and takes a detailed look at business regulations in East African countries.

If each East African country was to adopt the region’s best practice for each Doing Business indicator, East African Economy would rank 18, bringing the community closer to the global top performers.

Economic development would surely increase jobs in the East Africa region.

In the past five years, all East African Community economies made it easier to do business. Kenya has some of the most business-friendly regulations for dealing with construction permits. Ugandan courts resolve insolvency relatively efficiently. Rwanda is among the fastest places to start a business.

China helps Rwanda to Boost Economic Development, Trade- Job opportunities to follow.

Bloomberg reports that, China’s government will give Rwanda 100 million yuan ($15.7 million) in grants and loans to encourage economic development and trade with China.

The fact that Rwanda doubled the size of its economy from 1994 to 2000 indicates that it is set to create many jobs in Africa.  Chinese investment and bilateral trade in Africa is expected to almost double by 2015.

China also plans to build infrastructure and provide medical l devices and pharmaceuticals to Rwanda, as well as providing support such as reduced tariffs for Rwandan exports to China, thus helping Rwanda to publicize and promote their products to the Chinese market.