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China doing enough to create jobs in Africa?

(By Peter Eigen, Special to CNN) China- Africa trade is growing and affecting both China and Africa. Chinese investments have created jobs in Africa and created vacancies in Africa which were not there earlier.


Many Africa recruitment agencies are getting assignments from Chinese run companies to find candidates looking for a career in Africa and to fill vacancies in Africa. But is this booming relationship good or bad for Africa?


China is accused of not creating enough jobs in Africa for the locals and not doing enough to transfer skills and technology. And when Africans are employed, working conditions are sometimes substandard.


Critics accuse China of being self- centred and exploiting and stealing Africa’s precious mineral resources. China’s supporters say that it is strictly neutral and business-oriented and contributing to Africa’s economic growth, both in terms of trade and with building infrastructure.


But some 90 percent of Sino-African trade is still based around natural resources – oil, ores, and minerals. First, oil and mining do not employ many people and they do not necessarily create many jobs in Africa.


The crushing competition from Chinese sellers in local African markets means job loss for the locals. So what else could Africa and China do so that Africa benefits more from its growing relationship with China?


African countries could diversify their economies as much as possible away from supplying unprocessed natural resources to China. This will make them less dependent on the vagaries of both the Chinese economy and the ups and downs of global commodity prices. African nations should also prepare for the day when they no longer have natural resources to sell.


African countries need to focus on skill development for the local workforce, encourage Chinese investment into more labour intensive sectors and make way for creation of more jobs in Africa. No jobs in Africa for the growing workforce is likely to create a large and growing population of frustrated, jobless youth.


There is hope! Rising Chinese wages in the manufacturing sector may lead Chinese manufacturers to export jobs to African countries where labour prices are lower. Chinese companies have created jobs and exports in countries like Zambia and Ethiopia.


Africans have resources but no jobs


( While the rest of the world is looking for careers in Africa and approaching Africa recruitment agencies for vacancies in Africa, it is ironical that many Africans do not have the resources of skills to get permanent and high paying jobs in Africa.


Senior continental economists at the seventh edition of the Africa Economic Conference concluded that though Africa is blessed with natural resources Africans are not willing to exploit these resources.


Africans should exploit their natural resources for their benefits and the growth of the continent and to create jobs for millions of Africans.


Africa should stand up for itself. It needs to have the means and the capacity to make use of its natural resources, develop the continent, help create jobs in Africa  and prevent foreigners from exploiting its natural resources.


At the end of the forum, the participants urged African leaders to put in place bold economic reforms, aimed at sustaining growth and boosting human development, impart skills to utilize Africa’s untapped resources and create jobs.


Agriculture has the potential to create many jobs in Africa. Modernization  reforms and incentives can create many jobs along the value chain and address the food insecurity of the continent.




Job of the Day – Regional Sales Manager (North), Kano (Nigeria)

Company Brief: Company is one of the foremost player in its sector of operations such as building materials, construction materials, FMCG trading, warehouses & logistics.

• Designation: Regional Sales Manager (North)

• Location: Kano (Nigeria)

• Brief job profile: Maximizing Sales for the entire range of steel products with the informal trade channel at the given market price without breaching the credit limits & keeping stock levels low to avoid piling financial costs while ensuring Zero stock-outs and Zero bad debts.

• For more details Check:

Tips to excel at work

Globalization is in. Professionals are finding their dream jobs in emerging markets like Africa. Jobs in Africa pay well, offer challenging assignments and an international multicultural environment.


Africa recruitment agencies get lot of interest from candidates looking for vacancies in Africa. Many skilled expatriates have found their dream jobs in Africa.


Getting a job is the first step. Keeping that job, becoming indispensable in the system and rising rapidly is the second step. What tips would an Africa recruitment firm or an entrepreneur give on keeping that dream job?


(By Olumide Adeleye)

1.   Be the best there is: 


2.   Never join office gossip: Avoid joining office gossip and unproductive discussions especially when it is about your boss or co-worker.  It is a total waste of time and energy.


3.    Do more than is required of you: Work like an owner not an employee. Always strive to handle more responsibilities and perform better than what is expected of you.


4.      Always get better:  Do not stagnate. If you want to continue staying ahead of peers, constantly update yourself with trainings, read books, research on new developments in your field.


5.   Cultivate people skills:  Be warm, pleasant and cordial with your colleagues. This will create good will for you.

Want a job? Must have Top 5 personality traits

Universum, the Stockholm-based employer summaries the top 5 five personality traits employers are looking for in job candidates in 2012. Executive search firms are directed to look for candidates who are a “cultural fit” over skills in their next hire as more and more companies focus on attrition rates.




First-impression matters. The first 30 seconds help create a first and very important impression on the recruiter.




Body language, confidence, being well groomed and presenting yourself as an energetic professional to the employer helps you win points with the hiring manager,


The most successful applicant is the one who walks into every interview with her hand outstretched for a handshake, has done her homework on the interviewer and company and is dressed to fit effortlessly into the culture of the workplace.


A self-monitoring and self-motivating personality is attractive to an employer. Discuss work experience where you’ve worked quiet independently and achievements made.


Intellectual curiosity 


Edit the hobbies and interests” sections of their resumes. Employers are looking for a candidate with intellectual curiosity, ability to problem solve and a passion and dedication to learn new things. Such new hires will most probably be with the company for the long term

Industrial development zones : Creating jobs in Africa

 (Business Day) Executive search firms have their hands full filling vacancies in Africa, looking for skilled professionals interested in a career in Africa.


Yet, lack of jobs in Africa is a burning issue. Is lack of skills a culprit? In South Africa for example, many industries such as the TDM, suffer from skills erosion and a critical shortage of artisans and engineers and a lack of jobs.


Industrial development zones (IDZs) have attracted foreign investment and created jobs in Africa, but more needs to be done. Partnerships between the government and private business could accelerate the economic development and help many build their Careers in Africa.


Projects like Nelson Mandela Bay by the  Coega IDZ recognised the need for private investment-driven development and job creation.  A joint venture between the municipality and CDC – its aim:  built with the aim and potential to attract investment and employment creation in the various strategic areas.


There have been 3,770 jobs created at Coega by investors, including Acoustex, bizworks, Benteler, Cape Concrete and Dynamic Commodities.


Discovery Health opened a call centre at Coega creating jobs for 336 people and is expected to have 400 more vacancies by the end of this year. Coega is also taking steps to provide jobs for trainees in the IDZ.


But will the IDZs create jobs fast enough for the thousands of jobless youth?:

It is China- time in Africa!

What does China mean to Uganda?      It has brought job opportunities, rapid modernization  economic growth, better infrastructure, goods and services to the average Ugandan and helped lift the country out of poverty.


More than 10,000 Chinese have been involved in bringing different business activities and create jobs by hiring the locals to work for them. Many Chinese employers believe that creating jobs for the locals is a key to success.  Many of them find working with locals easy and want to hold onto and also attract loyal employees.


More than 260 Chinese companies have opened in the country, across different sectors, and have created 30,000 local jobs in Africa. Local workers praise the training they have been given by their Chinese employers. Working with the Chinese makes them experienced and helps them grow professionally.


The Chinese built $476 million project Kampala-Entebbe Expressway is crucial for the local economy: it will create many jobs directly and indirectly. 90 percent of the employees on the project will be Ugandan, with some expected to take up important management positions.


Placement agencies are recruiting expert and skilled professionals to work in these projects. In case of specific skills not available locally, suitable Expatriates have opportunities to make their career in Africa. Recruitment services find that Uganda is an attractive destination for people looking take up challenging, well paying jobs in Africa.

Zimbabwe to lose Millions of jobs

(The Africa Report) Up to one million jobs could be lost in Zimbabwe’s tobacco sectors, as an international lobby to ban the crop gathers momentum.


The country needs to take steps to find alternatives to tobacco growing to prevent job loss and create new jobs.


Tobacco contributes significantly to total agriculture earnings and national GDP and this ban could have could spell doom for an economy that is still struggling to recover.


About four million local people will be directly and indirectly affected by the adoption of new recommendations to phase out the production of tobacco.


There are more than 15 000 small-scale farmers and 300 large-scale farmers growing the crop, with over 12 companies. If these recommendations are adopted, this will hurt 80,000 tobacco farmers in Zimbabwe and all the related industries.


When looking for a Job

(Business Insider) We, at Datum Recruitment Services have been screening and recruiting top candidates for jobs in Africa. Many companies in Africa have dispensed with traditional human resources departments in favor of outside recruiters, it is easier and cheaper.


Our experience of Working with leading clients in all sectors in Africa has made us realize that most recruiters make sure they find the best candidate as their reputations are on the line.


Recruiters scour social media and place advertisements to look for potential hires and also reach out to job seekers they’re interested in. Here are some missteps, you can avoid and easily make yourself a much more attractive candidate.


1. Not following instructions.


This means that if the job listing asks for a cover letter and you don’t include one, or if you don’t bother following other the instructions in the advertisement, you will look like an employee who can’t follow directions. Pay attention to detail and recruiters will pay attention to you.


2. Doing a subpar job at a company where the recruiter previously placed you.


Many recruiters do multiple placements for candidates, especially given the increasing number of temporary and temp-to-perm positions these days.


So if you make a bad impression at a company where the recruiter previously placed you——you can forget about ever getting another assignment from that recruiter.


3. Lack of enthusiasm.


If the job is interesting, show your enthusiasm. Recruiters want to hire people who are excited and about their work so that their client company will be excited about the candidate. Being too laid-back can be confused for being uninterested


4. Not being straightforward.


You’re not interested excited about the job be honest with the recruiter. Don’t feign enthusiasm only to turn down the position when you’re offered it. If you waste the recruiter’s time, he might decide not to waste his time on you when the next opportunity comes up.


5. Not treating the recruiter with respect.


If you don’t treat the recruiter with the same consideration and respect you would a hiring manager, you might get passed over for the position


Remember: if you work with a good recruiter who likes you and is on your side, you have a better chance of getting the job you seek.

Zimbabwe to set up $2 billion Refinery

(Ventures Africa) Zimbabwe’s largest platinum producer, Zimplats has invested $30 million for the feasibility study of its proposed mega project – a base metal refinery which is expected to create jobs and more revenue in the country.  According to experts, at least $2 billion is required to set up the refinery.


The mining sector directly employs just over 45, 000 workers. The local government is pushing for the domestic processing of the mineral to plug revenue leakages and create more jobs


Also, as production by the mines increases, South Africa, which is currently processing the metal, would run out of capacity to benefit the platinum group of metals. The local Platinum Producers’ Association, a group representing major platinum miners — Mimosa, Unki and Zimplats — were committed to setting up the new facility and decentralising the process.