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6 Things to avoid on Your Resume

Yahoo! Finance shares some resume blunders.


1. Short-term jobs.

Mentioning short term jobs could indicate you are noncommittal and flighty. For short term jobs or consulting arrangements, you can add them into a section for one year. For consulting arrangements, make sure it’s clear in your resume that it was not a full-time, permanent position.


2. Job experience that doesn’t relate.


It is better to leave out irrevalent job experience, but if you are low on work experience, find ways to connect the unrelated work to what you want to do. You might be surprised to find that some of the skills you learned will translate for the job you want


3. Every responsibility you had at a job.


Please mention only those responsibilities in the earlier profile, relevant to the job you’re applying for. The interviewer will be able to better understand your capabilities and experience for the new profile.


4. References.


While you don’t have to include the list of references with your resume, it is important that you have and will provide references when it comes to that point in the interview process.



5. Hobbies.


Your Hobbies can create a positive or negative impression on the interviewer. Do not list a hobby that does not relates to the job you want and it’s not covered in your job experience.


6. Why you left a job.


Sharing this information on a resume could easily cast you in a negative light. This can be better discussed in person in an interview.