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Talent Hunt using Social Media


As a digital marketing professional in recruitment for Africa, Gulf and other emerging and niche markets with potential for high growth and employment opportunities, I have seen several development and changes in social media, our approach and the way we use it over the years. As regards, social media, from what began as humble beginnings as a fun activity it has a come a long way to become perhaps the most powerful communication medium of our age.


I realize that, whether I like or hate social media there is no escaping from it. With 1.1 billion users on Facebook, over 500 million users on Twitter, and over 300 million users on LinkedIn means it is an important and indispensable business tool for any business including recruitment agencies


What works for social media?


It is cheap, accessible, and fast and fun to use and anyone, anywhere is contactable from a simple internet connected device like an inexpensive phone. Most professionals and avid job seekers are out there looking for new opportunities and networking options.  So it is a great option for recruiters to connect and learn more about potential candidates and their current, past employers, work history and work colleagues.


For recruitment agencies : a great way to advertise, promote and a brand building exercise to make their presence felt, stand out among competitors, show case their skills, achievements and connect with prospective clients and candidates.


How is social media being used?


Social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are most used by candidates to connect with prospective employers and recruiters to look for better openings.


Recruitment agencies, apart from using traditional media are also relying more and more on online advertising, job boards, and networking on leading social media. While searching clients for jobs in Africa, we go through online resume sites and databases to look for and shortlist specialist or hard to find talent for our clients in international locations.


All thanks to social media, we are not bounded by location or time differences, while we help our global clients to select from a diverse and dynamic talent pool of both expatriate and local candidates. This helps us work faster with quick and more efficient service to clients, share data with our representatives and offices in global locations and cost saving while investing in bettering our services and client experience.


In conclusion, I can safely say that for an international executive search firm like ours, the primary source for finding talent is social and professional media outlets, followed by direct applications and referrals.


Datum Recruitment Services which specializes in executive search for emerging markets has been using social media platform to search, connect and engage with and acquire highly skilled passive talent pool for leadership positions.


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