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Talent Hunt using Social Media


As a digital marketing professional in recruitment for Africa, Gulf and other emerging and niche markets with potential for high growth and employment opportunities, I have seen several development and changes in social media, our approach and the way we use it over the years. As regards, social media, from what began as humble beginnings as a fun activity it has a come a long way to become perhaps the most powerful communication medium of our age.


I realize that, whether I like or hate social media there is no escaping from it. With 1.1 billion users on Facebook, over 500 million users on Twitter, and over 300 million users on LinkedIn means it is an important and indispensable business tool for any business including recruitment agencies


What works for social media?


It is cheap, accessible, and fast and fun to use and anyone, anywhere is contactable from a simple internet connected device like an inexpensive phone. Most professionals and avid job seekers are out there looking for new opportunities and networking options.  So it is a great option for recruiters to connect and learn more about potential candidates and their current, past employers, work history and work colleagues.


For recruitment agencies : a great way to advertise, promote and a brand building exercise to make their presence felt, stand out among competitors, show case their skills, achievements and connect with prospective clients and candidates.


How is social media being used?


Social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are most used by candidates to connect with prospective employers and recruiters to look for better openings.


Recruitment agencies, apart from using traditional media are also relying more and more on online advertising, job boards, and networking on leading social media. While searching clients for jobs in Africa, we go through online resume sites and databases to look for and shortlist specialist or hard to find talent for our clients in international locations.


All thanks to social media, we are not bounded by location or time differences, while we help our global clients to select from a diverse and dynamic talent pool of both expatriate and local candidates. This helps us work faster with quick and more efficient service to clients, share data with our representatives and offices in global locations and cost saving while investing in bettering our services and client experience.


In conclusion, I can safely say that for an international executive search firm like ours, the primary source for finding talent is social and professional media outlets, followed by direct applications and referrals.


Datum Recruitment Services which specializes in executive search for emerging markets has been using social media platform to search, connect and engage with and acquire highly skilled passive talent pool for leadership positions.


For C-level recruitment and headhunting services,  contact us on and +91 76 98 00 14 94.



Social Media and the Business Leader


An increasing number of business leaders use social media – an amazing revelation, surely considering the technology is only just a decade old.  Business leaders are using it and creating compelling content, managing communication overflow, and staying ahead of the curve.


Several entrepreneurs use social media in an engaging and powerful way.  Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Elon Musk are all standout social media users, because they put their personalities into their social media accounts, do a good job of connecting with people and are thus instantly recognizable as real, approachable people.


CEOS can improve their social engagement by listening closely, choosing the relevant platforms, learn to take criticism and handling their accounts themselves.


What do we miss if we are not social media savvy?


Why Social Media is essential for a recruitment agency?  After all both are about people, people form the crux of both.  Miss that, and we may miss out altogether.


Job seekers with none or inactive presence on social media misses out on the chance of networking and getting discovered for better career prospects.  Recruiters lose out on a chance to search and genuinely connect with good candidates, thus losing out to the competition. Making a social, emotional and personal connect with the candidate is perhaps more important than a better pay and perks.


While I am an advocate of social media, I still consider it as a part of the overall head-hunting process. In no way do I underestimate the power of traditional processes like phone calls, personal interviews and emails, being used successfully for decades. After all it is about human contact and delivering our best.


Datum Recruitment Services which specializes in executive search for emerging markets has been using social media platform to search, connect and engage with and acquire highly skilled passive talent pool for leadership positions.

For any senior management search contact us on and +91 76 98 00 14 94.


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Datum Recruitment Services – Looking for an Exciting Career in Africa?

Job Title: VP – Deal Management, Nairobi (Kenya)

Company Brief: Our esteemed client is in providing corporate finance advisory services to companies and HNWI’s in Kenya / East Africa. They believe in quality services and recruit top professionals for careers in Africa with them.

Designation: VP – Deal Management

Location: Kenya

Brief Profile: The ideal candidate will be a Kenyan and Senior Professional with corporate finance/IB background with minimum of 10 years of on job experience in deal execution with a degree in Law or Accounting (CPA/CFA) or Management (MBA) and aged 35 to 40 Years. They will be responsible for deal management and execution with strict adherence to governance and professional standards.

For more details please visit:–deal-management/748


Job Title: Analyst – Deal Execution, Nairobi (Kenya)

Company Brief: Our esteemed client is providing corporate finance advisory services to companies and HNWI’s in Kenya / East Africa. They believe in quality services and recruit top professionals for vacancies in Africa with them.

Designation: Analyst – Deal Execution

Location: Kenya

Brief job profile: The ideal candidate will be a Kenyan National and CF Professional strong in research, transaction specific documentation and deal execution under the guidance of a senior CF/IB professional. They will have the responsibility of deal execution within agreed timelines ensuring exemplary documentation, analysis, and presentation standards.

 For more details please visit:–deal-execution/749


Job Title: Learning Training & Development Coordinator, Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania)

Company Brief: Our renowned client is a leading manufacturer of flat and long steel products in various countries in Eastern, Western and Central Africa.  They offer a comprehensive range of roofing and allied building products and create jobs in Africa.

Designation: Learning Training & Development Coordinator

Location: Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania)

Brief Profile: The ideal candidate will be Bachelor’s degree (HR) with higher diploma in HR and 4 years HR experience of which at least 1+ year in Learning Training & Development is must. The primary purpose of this position is to enhance the intellectual Capital of the group by supporting the Department Head and Operation Training Officers (based at various operations) in the provision of a professional service through the effective administration LTD Policies, processes and activities across the group.

For more details please visit:


Job Title: Sales Manager, International sourcing firm, Kenya

Company Brief: Our client is a 40 year old leading international trading company based in Hong Kong and offering a wide range of Asian-based sourcing services. In their expansion bid to cover more global markets, they are creating vacancies in Africa.

Designation: Sales Manager

Location: Kenya

 Brief job profile: The ideal candidate will be a university graduate Minimum 5 years of experience in Business Development / Sales / Marketing preferred Generation. They will be responsible for generation and follow-up of new business leads and enquiries within East Africa, Maintenance of existing clients’ sourcing requirements and Development of new and reputable sources in the Far East and South East Asia in coordination with the staff at Hong Kong Office.

 For more details please visit:


Job Title:  Sales Head – Power Back up Products, A Diversified group, Nigeria

Company Brief: Our esteemed client is a family managed Group that has operations in the manufacturing, packaging, plastics, trade/distribution, real estate and hospitality sectors.  It has marked its presence in Africa and has a wide range of  jobs in Africa.

Designation:  Sales Head – Power Back Up Products

Location: Nigeria

Brief Profile:  The ideal candidate will be a Graduate in Electrical Engineering 10 – 12 year experience preferably in relevant products, of which at least 3 – 5 years at sales manager/branch manager level. They would be fully responsible for sales and business development of power back up products such as invertor, UPS, batteries, solar panels, etc. in Nigeria

For more detail please visit:–power-back-up-products-a-diversified-group-nigeria/761



British Graduates find jobs in Africa attractive

(citifmonline)The 2013 Ghana Careers and Opportunities Fair noted that West Africa is becoming a preferred destination for ambitious graduates who want to take their first step on the corporate ladder and avoid menial jobs in Britain.


The number of graduates looking for jobs in Africa – in Ghana and other English speaking African countries has almost doubled in the last three years.


West Africa is showing a high growth rate driven by boom in oil production, construction, technology and agriculture. Also graduate positions here are “significantly” more plentiful and the competition is less fierce compared to Britain.


Employment Agencies and Executive search firms are seeing an increase in the number of applications from British Graduates who want to avoid the UK’s saturated labour market.


Ghanaian employers too are keen to recruit British graduates because of their professional approach to work and communication skills.


Although average salary for managerial jobs in West Africa could be up to 25 per cent less than in the UK, British graduates find that the cheaper cost of living, better quality of life, a shorter working week, tropical climate and year-round sunshine, offsets financial shortfalls.


Africa – Development depends on its youth

( The Youth Bridge Foundation believes that that empowerment of the youth and creation of jobs in Africa would be an important key to continent’s integration and economic liberation.


African youth held the key to the continent’s integration and the Pan-African dream of economic liberation would not be realised unless it was linked to the empowerment of the youth by giving them economic freedom by creating vacancies in Africa.


The continent needs to use its demographic dividends and youth power into their long-term development agenda. The continent also needs to address numerous challenges facing the youth such as hunger, poverty, poor health facilities, education that was not linked to the labor market, unemployment,  lack of support for youth inspired innovation, lack of access to credit and huge costs of micro-financing.


Prolonged youth marginalization and lack of suitable jobs in Africa can lead to economic, social and political destabilization. Corporate and Governments need to join hands to implement policies and make initiatives to tackle the rising cases of unemployment


African leaders were convinced that Africa’s greatest resource is its youthful population and that through their active and full participation; Africans can surmount the difficulties that lie ahead and give the youth a chance to build careers in Africa.