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Hiring a trainer for Exotic Birds? Come to Datum Recruitment Services

At Datum Recruitment Services, customer satisfaction is a factor that helps us stand out and is taking our brand places. It is a point of differentiation.


We believe customer satisfaction doesn’t just impact the business’ bottom line, it also impacts team morale and retention rate.


To us, customer testimonials are an effective tool for as they provide us with a metric and feedback that we can use to manage and improve our services, have an actionable insight to create a better customer experience and delivers tangible data that can be used to make better business decisions.






There is great satisfaction in knowing you have done your job well and met your clients’ expectations. We are extremely motivated to do better when we receive glowing testimonials and acknowledgment from a satisfied client.


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Women in the workplace

Today 8 March 2018 being International Women’s day is a great day to think about why hiring more women in the workplace is a great idea.


CEOs across the globe are focused on talent diversity and the inclusion of women managers. Large organizations are actively trying to recruit more women and organizations said they have aligned their diversity and recruitment strategies.


As per a report from Pwc, more and more CEOs regard talent diversity and inclusion as vital to their organisation’s ability to drive innovation and gain competitive advantage. And as businesses across the world inject greater urgency into their gender diversity efforts, there is an intensifying focus on hiring female talent. In fact, 78% of large organisations are actively seeking to hire more women – especially into more experienced and senior level positions.




According to research from McKinsey & Company, published in January 2018, gender diversity on executive teams is strongly correlated with profitability and value creation.


As per Sonru, The paper, “Case for Investing in Women” by the Anita Borg institute outlines the huge difference that women make in the workforce, especially when they’re in leadership or senior roles.


Why companies should hire more women:


  1. An economist from Carnegie Mellon found that teams that included at least one female member had a collectively higher IQ than teams that had just men.
  2. When Fortune 500 companies had at least three female directors, several key factors increased: The return on invested capital jumped over 66%, return on sales went up 42%, and return on equity increased by 53%.
  3. Gallup found that companies with more diversity on staff have a 22% lower turnover rate, and if an organisation has a more inclusive culture that embraces women, it’s easier to recruit a more diverse staff.
  4. A 2012 study on women’s participation in IT patents found that patents with mixed gender teams were cited 30% to 40% more than similar patents with all-male teams.
  5. Studies in 17 different countries in all different industries found that across the board, having a larger number of women on a team accounts for greater psychological safety, team confidence, group experimentation, and team efficiency.



For companies to hire more women in top management, they need to:


  1. Create a culture of open and constructive feedback.
  2. Invite women leaders to review and revamp processes and systems.
  3. Acknowledge the unique qualities both genders bring to the workplace.


At Datum Recruitment Services, we believe strongly in inclusive recruitment and appreciate our female team members. Our clients also believe hiring women is good for business and company’s growth and we see the trend of hiring more women is progressively growing.


This Financial Year, we have seen a growth of 23.6% in hiring for women candidates for our international clients across various geographies, roles and sectors.


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Want to become an entrepreneur? Be ready for the speed bumps



(Times of India)

Entrepreneurship is for people who want to innovate, break out of office routines, be their own bosses, and have full control over their destiny and work space. Sure, you want the opportunity to change lives, serve as a role model.  You will never be bored but do you know the challenges that entrepreneurship brings?


First, be clear about why you want to start a business and your motivation such as doing something you are good at, your ability to solve problems and an opportunity to make money .Entrepreneurship is not always the rosy life you dream about and to escape from work travails. Meeting few real entrepreneurs and interacting with them will throw insight into how running a business could be never ending work with demanding colleagues, associates, service providers and clients.


Second, assess the financial situation regarding the marketability / saleability of the product/service. Consider the competition and how to make the set up financially viable. No revenues means game over.


Third, having a solid business structure and support stricture focusing on lower cost, fewer resources, networking with other experts and freelancers to create dynamic teams that come together for projects, while remaining independent otherwise. For businesses needing varied skills, the diversity of the team would increase productivity but also bring in conflicts. An entrepreneur should have the leadership capabilities of holding such a team together and working with the differences and clash of ideas and approaches.


Fourth, be prepared to work hard, work long, and work with focus when things go wrong. A successful business can look back and identify the steps it took to get where it stands today. That is the benefit of hindsight. A business must find a way to persist, persevere and plod on. That needs a tremendous amount of positive energy, willingness to learn new things, heightened awareness about the micro and macro view of what is going on and persistent ability to rework.


Fifth, running a business is a demanding task and an entrepreneur has to be on high alert, manage time, and take efforts for feedback, conversations, ideation, and networking. Business environments could be different from our vision what with clients, colleagues, competitors and unexpected crises that shape a business enterprise. Makes sense to choose a venture that you have the energy, competence, resources, and strategy to solve and of course get financial returns for that.


Sixth, even entrepreneurship ventures need solid quick thinking and executing teams, rowing in the same direction, with common goals and vision and willing to work hard, work long hours, multitask and face challenges.


At Datum Recruitment Services, we help early stage, entrepreneurs hire for growth, at a vulnerable time when every new hire can make or break a young venture.


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Hiring the wrong candidate can cost 5 times his annual salary to a firm: Report


(The Economic Times) As per a report, a bad hire can cost an organisation 5 times his annual salary hence companies should focus on hiring the right talent to mitigate business risks. Considering every employee in an organisation has a big impact on performance, company culture and its success, a misfit can  can prove to be a costly affair ; five times the bad hire’s annual salary as per Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM),


The future of any organisation solely depends on the kind of employees the organisations have and that makes screening a crucial aspect of the overall hiring process and so all companies should go through an elaborate screening process before hiring. Recruiting the right candidates help organisations to achieve success and growth and substantially in brand building.


What needs to be done? There is a need for flexible and tailored screening solutions for candidates before hiring by any organisation. There should be in- depth interviews soon after a new employee has joined to understand his expectations and the firm should also make use of informal gatherings and social media, to make the prospective hire a part of the system even before he has actually joined.

10,000+ social media marketing jobs waiting with top employers.

KOLKATA: Several social media experts will be required as UB Group, LG Electronics, Canon, Future Group and others plan aggressive hiring.

For those who love spending time on Facebook or Twitter, a plum job is on offer. Companies are planning to take on board social media specialists as they tap the platform to launch products, undertake consumer research and interact with customers.

A recent commerce graduate landed a job at a leading BPO as executive (social media). The job is to create “excitement” on the Facebook page of the employer, which is in the consumer electronics space.

The job requires that the employee spend nearly eight hours every day on to the client’s Facebook page. The job profile is to post updates on forthcoming product launches or the latest ones, monitor feedback from people and respond to them, and even try to look at ways to grow traffic to the page.

CXOs get up to 10% pay cut due to dull market

NEW DELHI: The Economic Times reports that, Job market is all about economic sentiment. Companies now want and surprisingly get top executives at a lower price.

There are two developments. One, the quantum increase in compensation packages has come down at least 10%. Two, new salary offers are way below the previous incumbent’s pay packages.

Recent examples include an industrial group that recently hired a managing director for its steel business and another organisation that hired a new legal counsel at a much lower price than the previous incumbent. This is rare as observed by top executives and business heads.

Due to the dull economic market Companies now think of the necessity and utility before hiring an expensive CEO. Hike in compensation a CEO would get in a new job has dropped at least 10%. The hikes are now in the region of 15%, compared with 25% and above earlier in the year.

Sectors most affected are manufacturing, especially in consumer product and engineering. Telecom sector is contributing to CXO salary packages dipping. In the telecom sector, a lot of top talent is looking for new options. A lot of them came from FMCG and retail and are looking for opportunities in these two sectors.

This makes us wonder if top management should look for alternative openings and move to well paying job locations such as Africa.

Indian Organisations set to hire – Job openings to increase.

As per The Economic Times, most leading organisations in India are planning vigorous hiring for the third quarter.

This is based on Manpower Employment Outlook Survey released last week. The seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook of  +46% is the strongest among the 39 countries and territories where the survey is conducted.

Employers in all 4 regions of the country are positive about their hiring plans. Most hirings are expected in Wholesale & Retail Trade Sector and Service sector while the least are expected in Public Administration & Education sector.

Though most companies are concerned about increasing labour, raw material and logistics cost, all are generally optimistic about hiring in the third quarter of 2011.

Recruitment agencies providing staffing solutions for leading organisations welcome this optimistic wave.