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Nigeria’s ICT Sector – Huge Job Creator

Nigeria’s Information Communication Technology sector is believed to have has created an average of 12 million jobs in  the last three years. The same sector created 2.5million jobs created in the sector from 2002 to 2012. ICT has the highest potential for job creation and is one for the eight critical sectors in the Nigerian economy with the combined potential to create 460,000 jobs in Nigeria.


eNigeria which focuses attention on encouraging “technology start-ups and young innovators” was designed as part of collective measure to create jobs for the teeming youths in the country. The ICT sector also is important as it can drive job creation in another sectors as well.


Nigeria looks forward to diversify its economy from being natural resource based to knowledge based and driven by ICT. The Nigeria diaspora have also been called upon to help in this regard. The IT Development Entrepreneurship Accelerator (iDEA Hub) in 2 locations are upcoming and impactful innovations to create massive jobs in Africa.