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Datum Recruitment Services – Latest Jobs in International Locations




Datum Recruitment Services are a specialist professional executive search firm for CXO, Mid & Senior Level Recruitment providing Quick Response & Proven Results.


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Hiring a trainer for Exotic Birds? Come to Datum Recruitment Services

At Datum Recruitment Services, customer satisfaction is a factor that helps us stand out and is taking our brand places. It is a point of differentiation.


We believe customer satisfaction doesn’t just impact the business’ bottom line, it also impacts team morale and retention rate.


To us, customer testimonials are an effective tool for as they provide us with a metric and feedback that we can use to manage and improve our services, have an actionable insight to create a better customer experience and delivers tangible data that can be used to make better business decisions.






There is great satisfaction in knowing you have done your job well and met your clients’ expectations. We are extremely motivated to do better when we receive glowing testimonials and acknowledgment from a satisfied client.


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Datum Recruitment Services – International Sales and Marketing Careers


We assist leading organisations in sales and marketing executive search. Our recruitment team is experienced in finding sales professionals who can demonstrate a track record of success, meeting budgets, onboarding new customers etc.


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Exciting jobs in Vietnam with Datum Recruitment Services



We are expanding our geographies to South East Asia , hiring expat and local talent for exciting jobs in leading organizations.


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What do employees value – Part 2




Research demonstrates that employees’ perception of fairness and equitable treatment is a core driver of workplace attitudes and behaviours, retention, engagement and performance.

The idea of fairness also determines if an employee will make an extra effort to reach organizational goals or even the objectives of his or her own job thus affecting the organization’s bottom line both directly and indirectly. Using process fairness, companies could spend a lot less money and still have more satisfied employees.



Employees desire for their employer and co-workers to treat them as if they have dignity and with respect and recognize that they have rights, opinions, wishes, experience, and competence. Respect can be indicated by both nonverbal communication and verbal communication means and how they compensate, recognize and reward you.

Respect breeds profitability, knowledge transfer and avoids workplace conflict



It is important to give employees directed at their specific abilities, thus bringing in a change in their routine and mundane tasks. Giving employees challenges means you convey your trust in their ability to them and help them develop new skills and attitude.


Career opportunities

Career development is essential for an employee to remain with an employer.  Training programs and opportunities for advancement within the company help.


Being heard

The more included employees felt the more innovative they were in their roles, and the more likely they were to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure KPIs were being met.

Listening keeps communication open, builds rapport and trust, and enables all parties involved to move toward a common underlying interest.



Several employees consider benefits and job security as the two most important factors that contribute to their overall job satisfaction.


Flexibility of working hours

Flexible working arrangements are part of a modern workplace. Flexible work offers the potential for productivity gains and greater levels of employee engagement providing a deliberate and careful work-life balance.  Inflexible hours, especially combined with low wages, place demands on employees that leave them starved for time, both for themselves and for their families.

Simply put, strict hours are bad for business because they are bad for employees.


Clear goals and expectations

Even if employees feel energized and motivated, those who lack clear expectations and spend too much time working on the wrong things can’t advance key initiatives to create value for an organization. Employees want clear expectations and lack of clear expectations can cause anxiety and confusion in workers. When employees are focused on tasks that best suit their strengths, sales, profit, employee engagement and customer engagement increase, and turnover decreases.



Employees will always perform at their best when the environment is conducive to growth.” Growth includes financial growth, Career growth, Professional growth and Personal growth.  When growth opportunities are abundant and organizational doors open, employees work with considerably more vigour.  The most successful employers will offer continued growth and learning opportunities.



Delegating responsibility means you trust your employees with autonomy. Studies reveal this autonomy can result in a higher commitment to doing their best work first and benefiting your organization. So employers must empower their team.


Artificial Intelligence: Evolve or lose your job


We are living in a high technology and fast evolving world, which is probably an exciting and challenging time as well where science fiction is now becoming a reality. Robots and space travel are a part of our tech world. In this technical roller coaster, we wonder how technology will impact our future: in terms of jobs, workplaces, industries and the planet.

Artificial intelligence is the most significant development in recent times. It is out to transform the world and AI will help people make decisions and enhance lives. AI is a specialized technology that can help in making statistical guesses based on enormous data sets, but they have no real understanding or comprehension of the tasks they are performing. It is expected to impact jobs across industries.


To survive, we have to adapt and change as per the new environment be multi-dimensional and are able to navigate a constantly changing world with ease. Some much needed attributes:


– Love for learning
Learning is dynamic and on-going. Today, the most important skill organizations look for in their talent is learnability. According to the World Economic Forum, up to 65% of the jobs Generation Z will perform don’t even exist yet and up to 45% of the activities people are paid to perform today could be automated using current technology. The need of the hour is people with completely different skillsets. With technology becoming obsolete at such a rapid pace, people are expected to learn, unlearn and relearn on a constant basis.


Comfort with complexity

. As more and more concepts come into play, the environment becomes cumbersome and complex to deal with. In a cluttered market, the only way to navigate is by decluttering. Concepts such as decoupled architecture and two-speed IT will show you how problems are being broken down into smaller pieces and being dealt with in the world of IT. Similarly, your ability to take a complex problem and break them down into more manageable pieces will help you succeed in today’s environment.


– People sense
Today is the age of connectedness and collaboration. Most clients themselves are struggling to navigate change. They don’t always know what they want, and seek partners that will collaborate and co-create with them. This requires breaking silos in organizations, working with people from completely different backgrounds and skillsets and breaking boundaries of our own minds.
While technology will play an important role in the transformation of the is very important for people to be grounded and have a people sense. Remember, at the end of the day, all technology is ultimately driven by humans.


– Adaptability
The complexity of challenges faced by companies today is much bigger than those in the past. Specializations are no longer enough to solve these problems. People today will need to instead develop skills that allow them to navigate and find comfort in ambiguity. Your capability to apply concepts, ideas and problem-solving techniques across different sectors will determine whether or not you’ll thrive in the future workplace.

Successful people today have disruptive ways of working. They believe in ‘failing fast’ and building on success. They subscribe to new ways of working and bring agility, knowledge and discipline to the table with a shorter learning cycle. All this is possible if you are able to embrace change rather than running away from it


As you think of your career today, spend time to learn on the job and keep up-skilling yourself. The only way you will continue to be relevant today is if you become multi-skilled and yet continue develop the softer aspects mentioned above.