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5 ways to create an engaging workplace

Considering, employees spend a large part of the day at work, employers have to break the mould and rethink strategies to create an engaging workplace. The key to engagement is about making a unique relationship with every employee.




1. Nurturing human relationships: Ideal workplaces are looking at human relationships- how to get the most out of people, encourage them and create interactions and ideas that might otherwise not happen. A good relationship with an employee not just adds to productivity but also boosts retention rate and knowledge preservation.


2. Creating high-quality workspace culture: The ability for people to collaborate is critical for any organisation and visual collaboration has now evolved from just being a cost-saving tool to a strategic business advantage. The trend is that companies are increasingly adopting more flexible ways of working.


3. Transforming workplace of the future: In today’s world, it’s not just about video conferences in office environments, it’s about delivering the ability to meet face-to-face in any environment. Workplace innovation will define the future of working. The future workplace will combine video, voice, and content collaboration technologies within the business workflow and support easy access to information via the digital platforms.


4. Defying distance: Video collaboration is increasingly changing workplaces, as progresses in technology and the benefits of real-time engagement with dispersed teams are reaping multiple benefits by taking collaboration beyond an office environment. Defying distance is driving innovators to create new ways to bring us closer and new technologies such as social business, mobility and cloud-delivered services are the driving forces behind a whole new paradigm for communication that is centered on the power of video collaboration.


5. Encourage productive conversations: The key factor is that across an organisation, people understand the value of face-to-face collaboration in real time from anywhere and using any device. Free flow of conversation enables a more productive and efficient employee base through the improvement of work-life balance.

(Neha Singh Verma, Bureau)


Hiring the wrong candidate can cost 5 times his annual salary to a firm: Report


(The Economic Times) As per a report, a bad hire can cost an organisation 5 times his annual salary hence companies should focus on hiring the right talent to mitigate business risks. Considering every employee in an organisation has a big impact on performance, company culture and its success, a misfit can  can prove to be a costly affair ; five times the bad hire’s annual salary as per Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM),


The future of any organisation solely depends on the kind of employees the organisations have and that makes screening a crucial aspect of the overall hiring process and so all companies should go through an elaborate screening process before hiring. Recruiting the right candidates help organisations to achieve success and growth and substantially in brand building.


What needs to be done? There is a need for flexible and tailored screening solutions for candidates before hiring by any organisation. There should be in- depth interviews soon after a new employee has joined to understand his expectations and the firm should also make use of informal gatherings and social media, to make the prospective hire a part of the system even before he has actually joined.

Job of the Day – Profit Centre Head, a Diversified Group, Nigeria

Company Brief: Our client which has helped create jobs in Africa is the single largest vertically integrated group in the aluminium field in Nigeria, with five major businesses: Rolling, Roofing, Kitchenware, Extrusion and Flexible Packaging.

Designation: Profit Centre Head, a Diversified Group, Nigeria

Location: Nigeria

Brief Profile: The ideal candidate will be a Civil / Mechanical Engineer preferably with MBA with 10- 15 years of managerial experience in leading a profit centre, comprising of  manufacturing, sales & administrative activities. Will be in charge of Complete Profit centre / unit level responsibility including operations, administration, Finance, HR & Sales.

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Negotiating an on Campus Recruitment offer Forbidden? Not Really!

Looking for jobs in Africa? Final year campus recruitment? Most organisations recruiting on campus offer the same standard packages and avoid negotiating with new recruits. While negotiating aggressively could backfire with the employer retracting the offer, not negotiating may affect future pay increases, bonuses or other perks.


Negotiation is not recommended but certainly not forbidden. Some tips to negotiate carefully for a better offer.




Find out areas where which potential employers may be flexible. You could probably ask them for a start date of your preference, a more senior position if you have special expertise or experience or move to a less-popular location that could qualify you for a customized package.




Consider long terms prospects when comparing job offers from multiple organizations.

Checking out with ex-alumni from your school who have worked for the firm for several years – or by asking your interviewers directly, you can get more information on long term monetary benefits.




Some of the most important factors in accepting a job offer could be role, location, department, pay package and amount of travel required.

A candidate should decide the factors important to them weigh the job offer on those elements and then negotiate based on one or two issues most important to them.




Candidate should be willing to work as per the employer’s requirement such as in the busy season and think how they could deliver more value to the employer; this would also inspire the employer to be more flexible towards them.


Careers in Africa : Finance and Administrative Controller, Construction Sector, Angola

Company Brief: Our respected client is a leading Angolan construction company and is a pioneer in the field. Their large client database and high quality standards mean they are always on the lookout for top professionals for careers in Africa with them.

• Designation: Finance and Administrative Controller

Location:  Angola

Brief Profile: The desired candidate will be a CA/ ICWA/ MBA (Finance) with Exposure in Construction Sector speaking Portuguese, English and /or French. The incumbent will be responsible for Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Legal, logistics, general service and purchases ensuring efficient management of each department with the budget.

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Job Video of the Week – Business Development Officer, Kenya


Company Brief: Our client is a leading regional MNC into building material products.

Designation: Business Development Officer
Location: Kenya

Brief Profile: We are recruiting  Business Development officer for our client , the incumbent will identify commercially viable products, understand technicalities and train business unit team and to promote market through existing group units network.

African expatriates in Ethiopia

As more jobs are created in Africa, how attractive it is for professionals from other Africa countries to find vacancies in the rest of Africa and make careers here? What advise do Africa recruitment agencies give expat Africans?


VENTURES AFRICA –. Ethiopia is Africa’s fastest growing non-oil economy. Once poverty ridden.  It is growing fast to become Africa’s lion economy, attracting investment and creating jobs in Africa. Modernity has brought with it interesting careers in Africa.


Two young African professionals who work in Ethiopia, Africa share their experience.


Will their positive experience inspire more young professionals to seek opportunities within borders and explore the rich work experiences that might exist within the continent?


Chat with Gamu Tagwireyi, Zimbabwean



Gamu Tagwireyi works as a  Child Protection Specialist. She support programs on Law Reform on Child Rights in Africa and has lived here for 8 months.


The country is safe, and cost of living it generally reasonable.  She likes the rich culture and heritage, the diversity of its people, the cosmopolitan features of the capital city Addis Ababa, the food, security and economic development.


Prices are high for  foreigners and expatriates. The tax rates are hindering development. The health sector needs a lot of developing to meet international and regional standards.


Addis Ababa is the political, social and economic capital of Africa. There are great opportunities to learn, expand, network here. It is definitely a place that can make you develop and make a head start to your career.


Chat with Chernor Bah, Sierra Leonean 


Chernor works for Nike Foundation as a brand manager. He has been here eleven months, for work, to start a project.


Cost of living here is higher than in his own country. There is respect for family and traditions. Addis is a modern city. He likes the organized chaos and the fact that there is an active night life.


He finds it is a closed society and the business environment is very closed. There are opportunities but there are not many entrepreneurs. Ethiopians are slow. They follow too many rules. Young Ethiopians need more exposure outside Ethiopia.


Where else does he want to make his career in Africa? He is fascinated by Botswana, Ghana and South Africa.

Africa – Future of Youths Grim without jobs

( Lack of jobs in Africa is an urgent and pressing problem.


Unless African governments and policy makers take urgent steps to improve good governance, provide quality education, health and create jobs in Africa their youth will not be able to compete with their counterparts in other regions of the world.


What prevents creation of jobs in Africa? Why can’t the locals have careers in Africa?


More than 80% of jobs in sub-Saharan Africa are in the informal sector. Renting an office in Lagos is more expensive than in Manhattan or Dubai.


Low education levels, lack of skills, youth unemployment increases with education level in Africa; job readiness is lacking so people find it difficult to find jobs in Africa. Sectors that drive GDP growth do not create the most jobs.


As the continents economy expands, companies need specific talent and skill sits. In case of talent not available locally, Africa recruitment firms look for suitable expatriates looking for careers in Africa.


There may be still no jobs in Africa for locals after a few decades though the continent will have the largest youth population and the largest work force in some years.



Are you a youth in Africa? Send us your views on the subject.


Job of the Day – SERVICE ENGINEERS (GENERAL AND UNIT SHOP-Automobile Sector), Nigeria

Company Brief: The Group is  involved in Pharma, Industrial Chemicals, Polyethylene, Automobiles, Steel, Plastic products, Table Water, Rice Mill, Electronics  in both importing and manufacturing, with a turnover exceeding USD 500 Million


•Location: Nigeria

• Brief job profile: The incumbent will be responsible to handle Service Operations for a KOREAN BRAND of cars.

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Job of the Day – Chief Operating Officer/ COO, steel and roofing solutions provider, Angola

Company Brief: Our client is a steel and roofing solutions provider in Angola.

• Designation: Chief Operating Officer/ COO

• Location: Angola

• Brief job profile: Responsibilities includes handling P&L responsibilities encompassing operations, business development, strategic decision making. Portuguese language knowledge is mandatory.

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