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What do employees value – Part 2




Research demonstrates that employees’ perception of fairness and equitable treatment is a core driver of workplace attitudes and behaviours, retention, engagement and performance.

The idea of fairness also determines if an employee will make an extra effort to reach organizational goals or even the objectives of his or her own job thus affecting the organization’s bottom line both directly and indirectly. Using process fairness, companies could spend a lot less money and still have more satisfied employees.



Employees desire for their employer and co-workers to treat them as if they have dignity and with respect and recognize that they have rights, opinions, wishes, experience, and competence. Respect can be indicated by both nonverbal communication and verbal communication means and how they compensate, recognize and reward you.

Respect breeds profitability, knowledge transfer and avoids workplace conflict



It is important to give employees directed at their specific abilities, thus bringing in a change in their routine and mundane tasks. Giving employees challenges means you convey your trust in their ability to them and help them develop new skills and attitude.


Career opportunities

Career development is essential for an employee to remain with an employer.  Training programs and opportunities for advancement within the company help.


Being heard

The more included employees felt the more innovative they were in their roles, and the more likely they were to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure KPIs were being met.

Listening keeps communication open, builds rapport and trust, and enables all parties involved to move toward a common underlying interest.



Several employees consider benefits and job security as the two most important factors that contribute to their overall job satisfaction.


Flexibility of working hours

Flexible working arrangements are part of a modern workplace. Flexible work offers the potential for productivity gains and greater levels of employee engagement providing a deliberate and careful work-life balance.  Inflexible hours, especially combined with low wages, place demands on employees that leave them starved for time, both for themselves and for their families.

Simply put, strict hours are bad for business because they are bad for employees.


Clear goals and expectations

Even if employees feel energized and motivated, those who lack clear expectations and spend too much time working on the wrong things can’t advance key initiatives to create value for an organization. Employees want clear expectations and lack of clear expectations can cause anxiety and confusion in workers. When employees are focused on tasks that best suit their strengths, sales, profit, employee engagement and customer engagement increase, and turnover decreases.



Employees will always perform at their best when the environment is conducive to growth.” Growth includes financial growth, Career growth, Professional growth and Personal growth.  When growth opportunities are abundant and organizational doors open, employees work with considerably more vigour.  The most successful employers will offer continued growth and learning opportunities.



Delegating responsibility means you trust your employees with autonomy. Studies reveal this autonomy can result in a higher commitment to doing their best work first and benefiting your organization. So employers must empower their team.


Social Media and the Business Leader


An increasing number of business leaders use social media – an amazing revelation, surely considering the technology is only just a decade old.  Business leaders are using it and creating compelling content, managing communication overflow, and staying ahead of the curve.


Several entrepreneurs use social media in an engaging and powerful way.  Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Elon Musk are all standout social media users, because they put their personalities into their social media accounts, do a good job of connecting with people and are thus instantly recognizable as real, approachable people.


CEOS can improve their social engagement by listening closely, choosing the relevant platforms, learn to take criticism and handling their accounts themselves.


What do we miss if we are not social media savvy?


Why Social Media is essential for a recruitment agency?  After all both are about people, people form the crux of both.  Miss that, and we may miss out altogether.


Job seekers with none or inactive presence on social media misses out on the chance of networking and getting discovered for better career prospects.  Recruiters lose out on a chance to search and genuinely connect with good candidates, thus losing out to the competition. Making a social, emotional and personal connect with the candidate is perhaps more important than a better pay and perks.


While I am an advocate of social media, I still consider it as a part of the overall head-hunting process. In no way do I underestimate the power of traditional processes like phone calls, personal interviews and emails, being used successfully for decades. After all it is about human contact and delivering our best.


Datum Recruitment Services which specializes in executive search for emerging markets has been using social media platform to search, connect and engage with and acquire highly skilled passive talent pool for leadership positions.

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Datum Recruitment Services – Looking for an Exciting Career in Africa?

Job Title: VP – Deal Management, Nairobi (Kenya)

Company Brief: Our esteemed client is in providing corporate finance advisory services to companies and HNWI’s in Kenya / East Africa. They believe in quality services and recruit top professionals for careers in Africa with them.

Designation: VP – Deal Management

Location: Kenya

Brief Profile: The ideal candidate will be a Kenyan and Senior Professional with corporate finance/IB background with minimum of 10 years of on job experience in deal execution with a degree in Law or Accounting (CPA/CFA) or Management (MBA) and aged 35 to 40 Years. They will be responsible for deal management and execution with strict adherence to governance and professional standards.

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Job Title: Analyst – Deal Execution, Nairobi (Kenya)

Company Brief: Our esteemed client is providing corporate finance advisory services to companies and HNWI’s in Kenya / East Africa. They believe in quality services and recruit top professionals for vacancies in Africa with them.

Designation: Analyst – Deal Execution

Location: Kenya

Brief job profile: The ideal candidate will be a Kenyan National and CF Professional strong in research, transaction specific documentation and deal execution under the guidance of a senior CF/IB professional. They will have the responsibility of deal execution within agreed timelines ensuring exemplary documentation, analysis, and presentation standards.

 For more details please visit:–deal-execution/749


Job Title: Learning Training & Development Coordinator, Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania)

Company Brief: Our renowned client is a leading manufacturer of flat and long steel products in various countries in Eastern, Western and Central Africa.  They offer a comprehensive range of roofing and allied building products and create jobs in Africa.

Designation: Learning Training & Development Coordinator

Location: Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania)

Brief Profile: The ideal candidate will be Bachelor’s degree (HR) with higher diploma in HR and 4 years HR experience of which at least 1+ year in Learning Training & Development is must. The primary purpose of this position is to enhance the intellectual Capital of the group by supporting the Department Head and Operation Training Officers (based at various operations) in the provision of a professional service through the effective administration LTD Policies, processes and activities across the group.

For more details please visit:


Job Title: Sales Manager, International sourcing firm, Kenya

Company Brief: Our client is a 40 year old leading international trading company based in Hong Kong and offering a wide range of Asian-based sourcing services. In their expansion bid to cover more global markets, they are creating vacancies in Africa.

Designation: Sales Manager

Location: Kenya

 Brief job profile: The ideal candidate will be a university graduate Minimum 5 years of experience in Business Development / Sales / Marketing preferred Generation. They will be responsible for generation and follow-up of new business leads and enquiries within East Africa, Maintenance of existing clients’ sourcing requirements and Development of new and reputable sources in the Far East and South East Asia in coordination with the staff at Hong Kong Office.

 For more details please visit:


Job Title:  Sales Head – Power Back up Products, A Diversified group, Nigeria

Company Brief: Our esteemed client is a family managed Group that has operations in the manufacturing, packaging, plastics, trade/distribution, real estate and hospitality sectors.  It has marked its presence in Africa and has a wide range of  jobs in Africa.

Designation:  Sales Head – Power Back Up Products

Location: Nigeria

Brief Profile:  The ideal candidate will be a Graduate in Electrical Engineering 10 – 12 year experience preferably in relevant products, of which at least 3 – 5 years at sales manager/branch manager level. They would be fully responsible for sales and business development of power back up products such as invertor, UPS, batteries, solar panels, etc. in Nigeria

For more detail please visit:–power-back-up-products-a-diversified-group-nigeria/761