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Sharpen your communication skills for work – 1

( Communication is arguably one of the most important business skills, no matter what your industry. Here are some tips to help you communicate better with co-workers and clients.


1. Listen.


We need to listen to understand what someone needs or wants. Most of us interrupt, prepare our response, or think we already know what the speaker is going to say next.


2. Pay attention to body language.


Body language can communicate a lot. Your co-worker promises a deadline but wrings her hands while she says it. That means she is not sure she can.


 3. Consider communication preference.


Not everyone likes to communicate the same way. For faster and effective communication switch to the communication mode the other person prefers – Email, phone, text, social media or instant messaging.


4. Consider your tone.


It is important use the right tone and clear language to get the message across, so that so nothing is misconstrued to cause an unintended reaction from the recipient. This is essentially true for Email and social media.


5. Don’t be too casual.


Being friendly with your work colleagues can help you do your job better but being too casual may make others feel uncomfortable. Make sure your emails, meetings, and phone calls are professional.

How to use Your Employees for work place success

( As an employer, how will you get the most out of your employees? Here are some tips:

1. Each Employee is Different


Paying attention and appreciating the uniqueness and individuality of candidates means transparent communication that helps you address their needs, expectations and requirements.  Remember to treat every employee equally, take care not to treat them partially.


2. Manage Expectations


Communicating your expectations at the very start of the project and regular communication will put things in the right perspective and drive the employees to do their best.


3. Provide Challenging Environment


A dynamic, peppy but professional work environment is a good bet to get  maximum output from your employees.


4. Provide Incentives


Incentives are a good morale booster – It could be money, perks, and encouraging words. It will help them work better and induce some healthy competition.


5. Foster Strength and Manage Weaknesses


Evaluating everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and aid them accordingly. Strengths have to be maximised and put to productive use and weakness have to be minimised to accelerate production.


6. Don’t be Afraid to Fire Employees


Don’t be afraid to let go of your unproductive staff to preserve the productive nature of your work environment.  You never know, they might be grateful to you, for ushering them into a better direction in their respective careers.