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White Paper on Nigeria Hiring trends: 2018

Africa’s leading oil producer had been hard hit by falling prices for the commodity, which accounts for the majority of its export revenue thus plunging the country into recession. One of the consequences of the recession was unemployment and layoffs which tend to increase as a way of curtailing expenses.


After seeing its worst recession in 25 years, Nigeria’s economy is limping back to normalcy.  Many believe the country is officially out of recession.  The country is now diversifying its economy to include manufacturing, agriculture and exports and investing in skills acquisition in diverse sectors, stressing on practical applications to reduce joblessness and assist them in finding jobs in Nigeria.


Currently, companies are looking for people who are innovative and entrepreneurial. More companies are hiring and are not deterred by the recent recession as they are able to get highly competent talent with prior Nigeria experience at competitive salaries. What is happening is that those who do not have these required skills are let go while those who have are being sought after and hired. The recruitment landscape is quite promising with employers having an upper hand.


Datum Recruitment Services has rich experience in hiring for middle and senior management for leading organizations in Nigeria. We present a white paper for hiring trends and recruitment predictions for 2018.


Please download from : datum_whitepaper (1). 

Sharpen your communication skills for work – 1

( Communication is arguably one of the most important business skills, no matter what your industry. Here are some tips to help you communicate better with co-workers and clients.


1. Listen.


We need to listen to understand what someone needs or wants. Most of us interrupt, prepare our response, or think we already know what the speaker is going to say next.


2. Pay attention to body language.


Body language can communicate a lot. Your co-worker promises a deadline but wrings her hands while she says it. That means she is not sure she can.


 3. Consider communication preference.


Not everyone likes to communicate the same way. For faster and effective communication switch to the communication mode the other person prefers – Email, phone, text, social media or instant messaging.


4. Consider your tone.


It is important use the right tone and clear language to get the message across, so that so nothing is misconstrued to cause an unintended reaction from the recipient. This is essentially true for Email and social media.


5. Don’t be too casual.


Being friendly with your work colleagues can help you do your job better but being too casual may make others feel uncomfortable. Make sure your emails, meetings, and phone calls are professional.

How to use Your Employees for work place success

( As an employer, how will you get the most out of your employees? Here are some tips:

1. Each Employee is Different


Paying attention and appreciating the uniqueness and individuality of candidates means transparent communication that helps you address their needs, expectations and requirements.  Remember to treat every employee equally, take care not to treat them partially.


2. Manage Expectations


Communicating your expectations at the very start of the project and regular communication will put things in the right perspective and drive the employees to do their best.


3. Provide Challenging Environment


A dynamic, peppy but professional work environment is a good bet to get  maximum output from your employees.


4. Provide Incentives


Incentives are a good morale booster – It could be money, perks, and encouraging words. It will help them work better and induce some healthy competition.


5. Foster Strength and Manage Weaknesses


Evaluating everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and aid them accordingly. Strengths have to be maximised and put to productive use and weakness have to be minimised to accelerate production.


6. Don’t be Afraid to Fire Employees


Don’t be afraid to let go of your unproductive staff to preserve the productive nature of your work environment.  You never know, they might be grateful to you, for ushering them into a better direction in their respective careers.


6 Things to avoid on Your Resume

Yahoo! Finance shares some resume blunders.


1. Short-term jobs.

Mentioning short term jobs could indicate you are noncommittal and flighty. For short term jobs or consulting arrangements, you can add them into a section for one year. For consulting arrangements, make sure it’s clear in your resume that it was not a full-time, permanent position.


2. Job experience that doesn’t relate.


It is better to leave out irrevalent job experience, but if you are low on work experience, find ways to connect the unrelated work to what you want to do. You might be surprised to find that some of the skills you learned will translate for the job you want


3. Every responsibility you had at a job.


Please mention only those responsibilities in the earlier profile, relevant to the job you’re applying for. The interviewer will be able to better understand your capabilities and experience for the new profile.


4. References.


While you don’t have to include the list of references with your resume, it is important that you have and will provide references when it comes to that point in the interview process.



5. Hobbies.


Your Hobbies can create a positive or negative impression on the interviewer. Do not list a hobby that does not relates to the job you want and it’s not covered in your job experience.


6. Why you left a job.


Sharing this information on a resume could easily cast you in a negative light. This can be better discussed in person in an interview.

How to wreck Your Career

(Yahoo Finance) Unintentional–even innocent–mistakes can dim a bright career future. Have a look at some common career blunders some tips on how to avoid them.


1. Make emotional, rash decisions. Being impulsive and quitting a job in haste. It will wash away years of hard work. The career decisions people most often regret are those that are made in haste when emotions are running high.


2. Be reactive.  Signs of trouble? Expecting layoffs or the organisation to sink? Plan ahead, take action and take control of the situation before unemployment hits you.


3. Avoid self-reflection. You are not perfect. If you do not take responsibility for your shortcomings, and commit to improving them, it is a career faux pas.


4. Wing it. Don’t be vague about your career. You need to know where you’re going and have a map to the way up to succeed.


 5. Get comfortable. Being in a comfort zone is a big NO. You need to stay ahead of the ahead of the competition, learning new skills and pushing yourself to new levels

IBM India surprises with salary hikes

( This is a good time for those with jobs in IBM India. Over 100,000 employees at the Indian operations of technology services company IBM received better-than-expected salary hikes this year.


The raises were in the range of 10-25% depending on the employee’s seniority level and the business unit they belong to. This is in stark contrast to the single digit raises by other Indian IT firms who over the past three months have offered meagre wage hikes, mostly in the range of 5 to 10 %.


This has been a good year for IBM considering the company’s overall performance during the year under review.


Last year IBM India gave out single digit pay raises but this year hikes in general have been good even those who are lesser than the best got good raises.

How to spot a great candidate

(Inc) While most candidates ask questions to look smart, Great candidates ask questions because they’re evaluating you, your company–and whether they really want to work for you.


The bulls eye questions top candidates ask:


What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 to 90 days?


They are the ones who want to want to make a difference–right away. They don’t want to spend weeks or months “getting to know the organization.”


What are the common attributes of your top performers?


Great candidates also want to be great long-term employees. Every organization is different, and so are the key qualities of top performers in those organizations.


Great candidates want to know if they can fit in and be a top performer.


What are a few things that really drive results for the company?


Employees are investments, and every employee should generate a positive return on his or her salary. They want to know what works to solve problems and helping the company succeed.


What do employees do in their spare time?


Great candidates usually have other job options. They want to know if they will have good colleagues and can fit in the organisation. After all happy employees are better employees.


How do you plan to deal with…?


Great candidates hope for growth and advancement. They want to know what you plan to do in case of a major challenge: technological changes, competitors entering the market, shifting economic trends and how they will fit into those plans.

10,000+ social media marketing jobs waiting with top employers.

KOLKATA: Several social media experts will be required as UB Group, LG Electronics, Canon, Future Group and others plan aggressive hiring.

For those who love spending time on Facebook or Twitter, a plum job is on offer. Companies are planning to take on board social media specialists as they tap the platform to launch products, undertake consumer research and interact with customers.

A recent commerce graduate landed a job at a leading BPO as executive (social media). The job is to create “excitement” on the Facebook page of the employer, which is in the consumer electronics space.

The job requires that the employee spend nearly eight hours every day on to the client’s Facebook page. The job profile is to post updates on forthcoming product launches or the latest ones, monitor feedback from people and respond to them, and even try to look at ways to grow traffic to the page.

Job of the Week – Retail Head, Nigeria and Ghana (2 Positions)

• Designation: Retail Head
• Location: Ghana & Nigeria
• Brief job profile: Incumbent must be MBA having minimum 10 – 15 year experience at Retail Management. He will be responsible for managing team of functional managers and retail store managers.
• For more details Check:

Recruiter’s Choice – Head HR and Admin, Mwanza (Tanzania)

Company Brief: Our Client is a large and diversified group and this position is with one of the  leading bottling company in Tanzania (East Africa).

• Designation: Head HR and Admin
• Location: Mwanza (Tanzania)
• Brief job profile: Incumbent must be MBA having minimum 15 years of experience in recruitment & organizational orientation. He will be responsible for organizational human resource development planning & implementation.
• For more details Check: