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Not the CV; Big Data helps recruit employees

( Large players like Xerox now analyse personal data to determine the fate of job candidates. Big Data and complex algorithms are playing a big role in helping companies recruit with far-reaching consequences for job seekers and recruitment agencies  alike.


Xerox also  runs call centres for many outsourced services.  For recruitment of suitable workforce  for it’s call centres, it  has recently teamed up with Evolv which uses data sets of past behaviour to predict everything from salesmanship to loyalty. Candidates were put across a screening test covering a variety of questions. The results are surprising! Candidates who would never have a chance based on their CV are called for interviews.  For Xerox, this system seems to be working and the results are positive.


With offices becoming more automated, in recruitment, big data enables you to analyse volumes of data that in the past were hard to access and understand. Understanding the impact of social media on their business, headhunters are now using social media and job sites to recruit for professionals with specialised skills. Social media also helps job seekers to find the companies and locations which are the best match for their skill sets.


But will Big Data be effective for executive recruitment? Many employment agencies still believe that big data may not be a great idea while hiring senior executives. But as more companies start to analyse their employee data to make hiring decisions, using big data could be a new trend and recruitment could finally become more of a science than an art?

Build your Career with Datum Recruitment Services – Jobs in Africa

Hi Everyone,


We are currently looking to fill Executive level and senior management positions for clients in Africa. If you are interested or can recommend someone else, please let us know!


Company Brief: Our client group consists of a diversified business portfolio with companies in the financial, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors of Tanzania and East Africa. They are looking for their BANKING OPERATIONS.


• Designation: General Manager – Banking

• Location: Djibouti 

• Brief job profile: The incumbent will be responsible to HEAD the Operations for Djibouti.

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Company Brief: Our esteemed client is largest private insurance company in Tanzania.


•Designation: FinancialController(InsuranceSector)
•Location: Tanzania(Dar-Es-Salaam)
• Brief job profile: Incumbent must be CA having minimum 15 Years of experience in Insurance Sector. He will be responsible for daily operations of the finance department for an Insurancecompany.
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Company Brief: Our client is a Indian group, a medium sized packaging (flexible and corrugated) company based at East Africa.  Presently they have two units.   


• Designation: Factory Manager

• Location: East Africa

• Brief job profile: To be overall accountable for new product development, production, maintenance of flexible packaging unit• For more details Check:


Company Brief: The Group is  involved in Pharma, Industrial Chemicals, Polyethylene, Automobiles, Steel, Plastic products, Table Water, Rice Mill, Electronics  in both importing and manufacturing, with a turnover exceeding USD 500 Million


Designation: GM/DGM Services (Automobiles)

Location: Nigeria

Brief job profile: Responsible for overall Profitability, After-Sales, Spares, Training, Warranty & Network Development Pan-Nigeria.

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IBM India surprises with salary hikes

( This is a good time for those with jobs in IBM India. Over 100,000 employees at the Indian operations of technology services company IBM received better-than-expected salary hikes this year.


The raises were in the range of 10-25% depending on the employee’s seniority level and the business unit they belong to. This is in stark contrast to the single digit raises by other Indian IT firms who over the past three months have offered meagre wage hikes, mostly in the range of 5 to 10 %.


This has been a good year for IBM considering the company’s overall performance during the year under review.


Last year IBM India gave out single digit pay raises but this year hikes in general have been good even those who are lesser than the best got good raises.

Job of the Day –AGM Operations – Insurance, East Africa

Company Brief: Our client group consists of a diversified business portfolio with companies in the financial, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors of Tanzania and East Africa.


• Designation: AGM Operations – Insurance

• Location: East Africa

• Brief job profile: Profit centre expertise to lead a successful General Insurance team

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