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Will machines make humans redundant?


Does not look possible considering the numbers!



Attracting and Retaining Employees for Brand Building

(people matters) The eCommerce boom brings with it difficulty and opportunity. Hiring and retaining good talent has become a pressing issue for IT companies who are facing acute skill shortage. Considering the fight for top talent, companies need to build and showcase an effective brand and attract better and more qualified candidates. This is long and effort taking work by leadership teams over several years.


These days, organizations invest heavily in advertising and marketing to increase visibility and awareness. Data supports that one of the most effective method is to have employees speak highly about the organization. There’s nothing more reliable than what an employee says about working in an organization. It is the absolute truth.


Perception is reality, so whatever people are thinking and saying about your brand, is your brand.


So how does one get employees to speak highly about the organization?


While employee engagement is an on-going activity, it is true that employees talk about the new organization and lot more in the first few months of joining than they would after a few months. These is when they are most excited, and tend to discuss their new organization with their ex-colleagues, ex-bosses, friends and families the most. Organizations have to ensure that the candidate’s induction experience is absolutely top class.


Improve recruitment experience


You may not hire every single candidate who comes for an interview, but it’s still important to take care of him or her. Show them you care and don’t take them for granted.

•    Meet, greet and seat.

•    Communicate so they know what to expect, especially if the process is going to take longer than expected.

•    At the end of the interview, let the candidate know what the next steps would be and when they can expect a call.

•    Call candidates who don’t make it and provide feedback on the reason. It will help them perform better in their next interview and they would be grateful

•    Start spending 5 more minutes with each candidate. It always helps.

Improving recruitment experience for each and every candidate will immensely help the brand image as perceived in the outside market.


Improve early joining experience


New employees go through several anxious moments. Organizations should put in adequate effort to ensure that this experience is as seamless as possible.


Day 1 experience is critical


Make the employee feel warm and welcome on day one. The employee should feel comfortable and happy with his/her decision to join the organization.


Constantly seek feedback during the first 3 months


Create a mechanism where there is high engagement with the new hire. The communication should be 2 way where the organization reaches out to the employee constantly to seek feedback and the employee can also raise issues and grievances with the comfort and confidence that it will be resolved.


Senior leadership to meet and share organizational goals and vision


High involvement from the senior leadership increases faith and trust that an employee has in an organization.


If an organization gives all their candidates and new hires an absolutely ‘WOW’ first impression and experience, the good word can spread really fast and will also go viral on social media. This would encourage more candidates to apply and join as there is a brand perception built in the market and the employee feels that this organization will be a great place to work in.

Author: Krish Hanumanthu





Negotiating an on Campus Recruitment offer Forbidden? Not Really!

Looking for jobs in Africa? Final year campus recruitment? Most organisations recruiting on campus offer the same standard packages and avoid negotiating with new recruits. While negotiating aggressively could backfire with the employer retracting the offer, not negotiating may affect future pay increases, bonuses or other perks.


Negotiation is not recommended but certainly not forbidden. Some tips to negotiate carefully for a better offer.




Find out areas where which potential employers may be flexible. You could probably ask them for a start date of your preference, a more senior position if you have special expertise or experience or move to a less-popular location that could qualify you for a customized package.




Consider long terms prospects when comparing job offers from multiple organizations.

Checking out with ex-alumni from your school who have worked for the firm for several years – or by asking your interviewers directly, you can get more information on long term monetary benefits.




Some of the most important factors in accepting a job offer could be role, location, department, pay package and amount of travel required.

A candidate should decide the factors important to them weigh the job offer on those elements and then negotiate based on one or two issues most important to them.




Candidate should be willing to work as per the employer’s requirement such as in the busy season and think how they could deliver more value to the employer; this would also inspire the employer to be more flexible towards them.


Job of the Day – SERVICE ENGINEERS (GENERAL AND UNIT SHOP-Automobile Sector), Nigeria

Company Brief: The Group is  involved in Pharma, Industrial Chemicals, Polyethylene, Automobiles, Steel, Plastic products, Table Water, Rice Mill, Electronics  in both importing and manufacturing, with a turnover exceeding USD 500 Million


•Location: Nigeria

• Brief job profile: The incumbent will be responsible to handle Service Operations for a KOREAN BRAND of cars.

• For more details Check:

How to spot a great candidate

(Inc) While most candidates ask questions to look smart, Great candidates ask questions because they’re evaluating you, your company–and whether they really want to work for you.


The bulls eye questions top candidates ask:


What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 to 90 days?


They are the ones who want to want to make a difference–right away. They don’t want to spend weeks or months “getting to know the organization.”


What are the common attributes of your top performers?


Great candidates also want to be great long-term employees. Every organization is different, and so are the key qualities of top performers in those organizations.


Great candidates want to know if they can fit in and be a top performer.


What are a few things that really drive results for the company?


Employees are investments, and every employee should generate a positive return on his or her salary. They want to know what works to solve problems and helping the company succeed.


What do employees do in their spare time?


Great candidates usually have other job options. They want to know if they will have good colleagues and can fit in the organisation. After all happy employees are better employees.


How do you plan to deal with…?


Great candidates hope for growth and advancement. They want to know what you plan to do in case of a major challenge: technological changes, competitors entering the market, shifting economic trends and how they will fit into those plans.

CXOs get up to 10% pay cut due to dull market

NEW DELHI: The Economic Times reports that, Job market is all about economic sentiment. Companies now want and surprisingly get top executives at a lower price.

There are two developments. One, the quantum increase in compensation packages has come down at least 10%. Two, new salary offers are way below the previous incumbent’s pay packages.

Recent examples include an industrial group that recently hired a managing director for its steel business and another organisation that hired a new legal counsel at a much lower price than the previous incumbent. This is rare as observed by top executives and business heads.

Due to the dull economic market Companies now think of the necessity and utility before hiring an expensive CEO. Hike in compensation a CEO would get in a new job has dropped at least 10%. The hikes are now in the region of 15%, compared with 25% and above earlier in the year.

Sectors most affected are manufacturing, especially in consumer product and engineering. Telecom sector is contributing to CXO salary packages dipping. In the telecom sector, a lot of top talent is looking for new options. A lot of them came from FMCG and retail and are looking for opportunities in these two sectors.

This makes us wonder if top management should look for alternative openings and move to well paying job locations such as Africa.